March Madness Sales Contests:
a Stone Street Capital Case Study

Harnessing the excitement of March Madness for sales productivity.

Between betting pools and time spent watching live tournaments, March Madness is estimated to cost employers $1.8 Billion in lost productivity each year.

What if you could harness that excitement and turn it into a productivity-boosting sales contest?

That’s exactly what Stone Street Capital has done. With the help of Hoopla’s Sales Motivation platform, the inside sales team at Stone Street Capital launched its own March Madness contest, and has seen a 10-12% improvement in its key productivity metrics.

Join us for a free webinar to learn how Stone Street Capital set up its March Madness contest and the results they’ve seen. We’ll discuss topics including:

  • How to set up and run March Madness sales contests
  • How to structure your sales contests to keep everyone on your team engaged
  • How to keep your team focused on the key activities that drive sales
  • How to use contests to increase CRM user adoption and improve reporting
  • How to motivate Millenial members of your sales team